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Wed, April 03, 2013

SynthX transforms All-Star Guitar into a full-blown synth guitar.

Cumberland, R.I. (April 3, 2013) – Synth guitars are known for their ability to produce incredible, out-of-this-world sounds and distinctive sonic textures that traditional electric guitars are simply incapable of matching. They’re also known to be very expensive, costing in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Now Jim Heintz, creator of the popular SynthX analog synthesizer app for iPad, has updated SynthX to work with ION’s All-Star Guitar, transforming it into not only one of the most versatile and fun synth guitars available but perhaps the most affordable as well.

All-Star Guitar is a full-size guitar controller for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, which dazzled consumers when the concept was introduced in early 2012. It has since become available in stores and works with the free All-Star Guitar app, which gives customers access to traditional electric, acoustic, and bass guitar sounds.

The SynthX app for iPad is a mathematically modeled synthesizer, which is very small in file size yet contains an extremely large and professionally designed sound library. SynthX gives users four ways to play its incredible array of 300 sounds: X/Y Mode, which automatically tunes every touch to the pre-selected scale; Grid Mode, where players can explore harmonies in a fun and intuitive matrix layout; Keys Mode, which provides a standard piano keyboard; and Guitar Mode, which gives players a virtual six-string guitar layout which can be strummed and played like a real guitar.

These modes combine with the All-Star Guitar’s 84 fret buttons to offer a dynamic and powerful music-making experience. SynthX’s effects include distortion, flanger, delay, and limiter. Players can record their performances within the SynthX app itself. SynthX also supports iTunes® file sharing, which allows players to export recordings into their favorite digital audio workstation.

“We added compatibility for All-Star Guitar, quite simply, because it was something we wanted for ourselves,” said Heintz. “It’s a great device, very fun for its original purpose, but we think we’ve unlocked something really special by making it compatible with SynthX—the app adds unique abilities to the All-Star Guitar, and the guitar adds a new dimension to the app. Once customers realize that this amounts to getting a synth guitar for under $100, and once they actually hear it, we think they’ll be blown away.”

All-Star Guitar's fitted iOS™ device holder integrates iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch seamlessly into the body of the guitar, giving players complete access to the SynthX app on the touchscreen. All-Star Guitar requires no cables or external connections—the built-in speaker lets you crank up and rock out wherever you are.

“The SynthX app transforms the All-Star Guitar into something completely new,” said Wendy Fortin, ION Product Manager. “SynthX allows a freedom of expression that really has to be experienced to be appreciated and turns the All-Star Guitar from a fun rock-star experience into a unique synth guitar.”

All-Star Guitar is available in stores and online retailers for $99. The SynthX app is currently available from the App Store™ for $5. For more information about All-Star Guitar, visit For more information about SynthX, visit

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