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Tue, January 08, 2013

Air Copy offers ultra-portable high-res tablet scanning in a compact wireless design.

Cumberland, R.I. (January 8, 2013) – ION, a leader in consumer audio and entertainment technology, announces Air Copy, a wireless document scanner for laptops, tablet computers and smartphones. ION will display and demo Air Copy for the first time at Central Hall Booth 11604 at the 2013 CES show in Las Vegas from January 8-11.

With the rapidly growing popularity of tablet computers, ION’s Air Copy presents an innovative solution to an emerging problem: how to get photos and documents into your tablet. This ultra-portable WiFi scanner gives users the freedom to scan any document or photo—up to size A4—directly into iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows-based tablets, or laptop computers. With its built-in wireless technology, Air Copy generates its own WiFi network, allowing users to connect anywhere without needing to be near their home or office’s WiFi network. Its free scanning app allows for viewing the scan in real-time on the tablet or smartphone’s screen.

“The range of devices Air Copy is compatible with is one of its most powerful features,” said Wendy Fortin, ION Product Manager. It’s a truly flexible scanner, whether you’re using it at home or on the go.

Air Copy is sleek in form and function, compact enough to fit in a messenger bag, briefcase or backpack, and remarkably easy to use. With high-resolution 300 DPI scanning, Air Copy scans a document or photo in seconds.

“It’s compact, fast, and easy to use. Air Copy is the perfect companion for a tablet like iPad,” said Fortin. “It’s great for business use, like when you need to get an important document onto your iPad to send to a coworker, and it’s also good for more casual use, like digitizing family photos to send to far-away relatives.”

ION will exhibit Air Copy at Central Hall Booth 11604 at the 2013 CES show in Las Vegas from January 8-11.

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