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Fri, January 25, 2013

Historic, first-of-its-kind collaboration with Avid brings Pro Tools Express software to Akai Professional and M-Audio customers.

Cumberland, R.I. (January 23, 2013) – inMusic Brands and Avid Technology announce an unprecedented strategic initiative. This groundbreaking collaboration will have Avid’s Pro Tools® Express software, an abridged version of the industry-standard recording and digital audio workstation, bundled with select Akai Professional and M-Audio products. This partnership marks the first time that Pro Tools has ever been bundled with hardware from another manufacturer.

“We view this unique alliance as an opportunity for our customers to have an incredible experience right out of the box,” said Jack O’Donnell, Founder, President, and CEO of inMusic Brands. “At inMusic, our philosophy is to deliver dynamic hardware and software experiences that put our customers in the position of power, allowing them to create in the ways they prefer. Clearly, millions of musicians have found Pro Tools to be the unmatched standard for audio editing and production, so this unique partnership—which came about as a result of the M-Audio and AIR acquisitions—ties directly into our mission. We’re honored to be working with Avid and look forward to developing this alliance further.”

inMusic acquired M-Audio and AIR Music Technology from Avid in July of 2012. This acquisition formed the cornerstone of a new synergistic alliance between the two companies. Avid has long been recognized by musicians for their professional recording, editing, and mixing toolset, while Akai Professional, part of inMusic Brands since 2005, has empowered generations of producers with their iconic MPC instruments. In addition, M-Audio has led the industry in keyboard controllers and other hardware peripherals of value to computer-based musicians and producers. The inMusic-Avid partnership is a convergence of industry-leading hardware and software that will provide customers of Avid, Akai Professional, and M-Audio with powerful capabilities and immediate creative satisfaction.

Beginning this year, select M-Audio controller keyboards and audio interfaces, as well as certain Akai Professional products, will be shipping with Pro Tools Express, an abridged version of Avid Pro Tools 10 software.

Adds Avid’s W. Sean Ford, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, “Including Pro Tools Express with inMusic’s M-Audio and Akai Professional products will make it easy for new musicians, producers, and DJs to start using a truly top-shelf music production toolset. We are pleased to extend aspiring professionals’ access to the music and audio production tools that set the standard for the industry today.”